Name is Courtnee Nicole.

I'm feeling 22 and I'm from Michigan desperately wishing I lived in London. I love summer dresses and black and white photos. I like being alone lately with a pile of books on my bedside table. I adore Audrey Hepburn and Taylor Swift. The Fault In Our Stars is one of my favorite books. oh and I have a little thing for Harry Styles.(I know a little cliche)

talk to me, ask me questions, I'm dying to know you!

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i’m trying

"I don’t believe in love at first sight but I do believe in seeing someone from across the room and knowing instantly that they’re going to matter to you."

- Ryan O’Connell (via oceanghosts)

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"Scare the world: Be exactly who you say you are and tell the truth."

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"Sometimes you end up never speaking to someone who meant the world to you again. And that’s okay. You cope and you survive. Don’t let your losses keep you back from new gains."

- I wish someone had told me this when I was hurting, y.g. (via imtiredofbeingsosad)

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▽ So save me, from who I’m supposed to be ▽